The first storage method

There are numerous methods my Patent Pending technology can be used to store data. The first method which is marketable almost immeadiately is via Silicon Wafers.

With Silicon Wafers we can produce memory at a potential of $20 a terabyte (for production and storage). The memory needs to be kept in clean room conditions however.

This first version however is immeadiately EMP Proof, can store data for decades, and can be custom encrypted to prevent thieves from reading it. The Encryption, if done correctly, would quite literally be undecipherable without the key and the methods of encryption.

This initial system is going to probably read slow, it is suited for special backups where losing data is NOT an option. After working security in a US Bank Corp. Check and ATM Processing Facility I can tell you they had three backups for their data. My system would be cheaper, easier to store, and be longer lasting. These are important considerations!

The price per terabyte is expected to drop ocer time as improvements to microchip etching become more perfected. Current plans work with a 50nm size range, a 25nm size range would quadruple the storage for the same cost. So yes it is quite possible in 5 years or so to pay $5 a terabyte for long term storage via Silicon Wafer. This represents production and storage prices as an estimate however, some profits will apply!


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